Genshin Impact Game Play Online For Free

Asian culture has long and successfully infiltrated our own. And it’s now wonder games like this are so popular in the entire world. Overall, Genshin Impact has a pretty interesting story with some unexpected plot twists. To immerse yourself in the game world more deeply, you can read books that reveal the history of Tayvat. They can be found, for example, in the library. Also, the player encounters a huge number of NPCs, which at first don’t have any side quests, but they will become available upon reaching a certain adventure rank and reputation in the city. One should also note the elaboration of the characters. Each of them has their own traits and a story carefully worked out by the developers. Are you ready to set out on this thrilling adventure in a magical world? Then let’s begin!

Amazing heroes, amazing powers!

In terms of battle system, there are only two abilities – Elementary skill, which is a character’s special attack during the fight, and Elemental explosion, which becomes available as the damage done is accumulated. However, this is only the visible part of the iceberg. For effective combat, you need to dodge correctly and constantly change characters, so the game is actually not as two-button game as it might initially seem. The fact is that the entire combat system in Genshin Impact is built around the ability to combine the powers of characters in a squad. In total, a group can have a maximum of four heroes, switching between them is available every two seconds.

Therefore, using the elementary ability of one character, you can immediately switch to another to trigger one of the reactions. For example, a combination of fire and water will create steam that doubles the damage done, water and ice will freeze the enemy, and electricity and fire will cause an explosion. These elemental features work not only against enemies, but also in the surrounding world. A character who owns the element of ice is able to freeze water and thus pave a road, and pyro characters are needed to destroy interfering thickets or to set fire to torches. Each reaction deals damage in different ways, so you need to use them wisely too.

Explore, loot and upgrade!

In addition to combinations of skills, the composition of the squad itself can also affect some passive characteristics. If there are two heroes with the same element, then they will create an elementary resonance that enhances all characters. For example, two fire warriors will enhance the attack of the entire team, and two water characters will improve the healing. The game also uses a stamina system, which is spent on running, dashing, climbing, using the wings and for the combat. You can increase the overall stamina at the statues of the Seven gods by sacrificing special pendants that are scattered throughout the map. Exploration, puzzle solving, treasure hunting, incredible upgrades, scatterings of weapons and plenty of other exciting stuff – that’s what is waiting for you in Genshin Impact! Play online and enjoy!

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