For Girls

There is a misconception that girls only love games about fashion, babies and cooking. But that’s not true! Just like boys, girls enjoy adventures and fights, they love showing that they are strong too and can kick ass if somebody decides to mess with them. And Genshin Impact suits that purpose like nothing else! In fact, girls have a chance to play for a female character here – at the start of the game, you have to choose one of the siblings. The other will get in trouble and your goal will be to rescue your brother at all costs.

That won’t be so easy because as a result of encountering supernatural forces you’ll be thrown to a parallel dimension. There is magic here and some people have the power over one of the natural elements. You’ll meet plenty of amazing characters along the way and some of them will become part of your team. You’ll actually be able to use their gifts in battles switching from the main heroine to one of her companions!

But don’t think that Genshin Impact is all about fighting. You will take great pleasure in exploring the huge world of the game with many locations and hidden treasures. Some of them will be guarded by monsters, others will require you to solve puzzles for the chance of finding out what lies in those chests. After passing all the challenges, you’ll be able to get new weapons and artifacts, materials to improving them or even access to new characters.

And just between us girls – many of the heroes with great powers in this game are also female! This is a world where your reputation and position depends not on your gender, but solely on your talents. And it’s time to demonstrate yours on the way to your ultimate purpose of saving your dear brother!

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