Genshin Impact 2

Genshin Impact 2 is a free2play game with a gacha system. This is a form of donation in Asian games, reminiscent of a lottery. Various loot boxes are available for purchase. They contain a valuable item, elite weapon or a new playable character that may drop out with a small percentage of probability. Here it is implemented through Prayers for the fulfillment of desires, but for this you need to have a special currency – the Source Stones.

All items obtained from Prayers are divided into three types of rarity – ordinary (3 stars), epic (4 stars) and legendary (5 stars). The base drop rate of an epic 4-star item or character is 5.1%, while a legendary 5-star character has a base drop rate of only 0.6%. According to the rules of gacha, regardless of luck, at least once every 10 prayers, you are guaranteed to receive an epic item or character. And every 90 prayers it is a legendary character or weapon. This makes the lottery system more lenient allowing you to win something valuable simply by keeping it up.

In general, Genshin Impact 2 has several in-game currencies. The main currency is Mora, which is used to buy various items. It is very easy to get it in completely different ways while exploring the world. A more significant and valuable currency is the Source Stones, which can be obtained one-time by passing the game, completing quests, challenges, achievements, unlocking teleports, and more. In the later stages, the main and endless source of Source Stones is the Twisted Abyss – a special battle arena with various challenges.

You don’t necessarily need to spend hours looting gacha boxes, though. It is quite possible to play through the entire story with just the basic set of characters. The range of battle skills and abilities demonstrated by these heroes is enough to defeat all the enemies. Besides, it’s not so much about having the right skills as combining them the right way. There is plenty of tactical freedom in the seemingly primitive fights allowing you to use the powers of different elements in the most amazing ways. Explore the immense world of Genshin Impact 2, gather your own collection of heroes, learn their weak and strong sides and use them wisely to pass the game!

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