Genshin Impact

If you enjoy anime and adventures, if you love playing as different characters and discover their abilities, if you are an eager explorer of vast game worlds – you should definitely try Genshin Impact! The entire game can be completed by a group of free characters that you will receive in the first few hours of the game. Plus in the same first hours you will be given enough in-game currency so that you can try your luck in gacha. If the gameplay is fundamental to you, and not collecting all the heroes, there should be no problems.

You have a large open world, made in the best traditions of Skyrim and the latest Zelda, as well as a seemingly simple combat system and a group of four characters with whom you can explore everything you see around. You can literally climb any mountain that is within the game map. And then take a run, jump and fly a few more kilometers using the glider. And in the end, when the endurance is already running out – jump on the head of unsuspecting enemies and show them what you’re capable of.

The combat system in Genshin basically includes the use of just two buttons. But firstly, this is not exactly a problem, and secondly, everything is played much better than it sounds. Even with such a minimum, the game manages to deliver a good action, because you have a difference between weak and strong attacks. There is also a difference between the usual “pressing” a skill and holding it, plus ultimate abilities. And yes, a dash that allows you to dodge enemy attacks. You can also switch to any of the characters in your group at any time of the battle. Isn’t that more than enough to really enjoy the battles, not just breeze through them?

A lot is built on the latter feature. For instance, your hero was thoroughly beaten, but the battle is still far from over and you don’t want to run away. What can you do about it? Just switch to the “healer”, restore health, switch back and end the fight. Too many enemies? You launch one AoE ability, then activated another one from another hero – and watch the fireworks from the special effects. The enemy is trying to use a special skill? Switch to the archer and hit the vulnerable point that will disrupt the opponent’s cast. And finally, there is interaction between the elements – there are seven of them in the game, and they all can counter each other creating immense tactical possibilities. Start playing Genshin Impact online and see for yourself!

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